WiKA Sports


For many people, Sports participation gives the individual the opportunity to showcase athletic ability with the thrill of competition. 

The martial arts has given millions of people a platform to learn discipline and embrace a culture which it originates. Fusing the art and sport produces the modern martial athlete. WIKA Sport is the platform to give the age old form of combat of club and swords and put them in the hands of today’s martial athletes in a safe competitive space for kids and adults. 

This is WIKA Sport!! WIKA Sport is born out of the centuries old Indigenous Arts of the Philippines – Iskrima, Kali and Arnis These combative arts are weapons based usually using rattan sticks and long and short blade tools. 

The martial athlete who weilds these are FAST With categories of point and contiunous weapons sparring to display the athletes speed, timing, accuracy and power versus an opponent, there is also a creative forms category to demonstrate beauty and expression as an individual or a team. 

This is only the beginning of WIKA! The World Iskrima Kali Arnis Sports is here to unify the different styles of Filipino Martial Arts as the action philosophy of movement to exhibit the unique and complex culture of the Philippines globally. WIKA Sports is Here!